Home and Community Based Services (HCBS)


Specialized Habilitation (SH) services supports participants with opportunities to build skills and increase their independence and self-sufficiency. SH provides participants with a meaningful day activity where they can develop socialization skills, adaptive behavior skills, personal care skills, and work on personal outcomes. Participants engage in individual and group activities and have the opportunity to help plan monthly programming. Divine Royal Care supports each participant’s personal goals and development through programs and activities offered in a facility-based setting. Divine Royal Care’s SH program is provided in a focused environment where participants can grow and develop and also receive more intensive personal or medical care if needed.


Supported Community Connections (SCC) services is designed to provide and facilitate opportunities for participants to interact with community members, build relationships and/or natural supports, promote safety and independence, and work on personal goals. Divine Royal Care supports participants to access their community competently, confidently, and safely within the SCC program. Participants are encouraged to share their preferred activities and locations so that staff can build a calendar of activities that are meaningful and reflective of personal goals and interests.

Divine Royal Care’s SCC program exposes participants to a variety of cultural, social, recreational, volunteer, and employment opportunities available to them in their community. New activities and ideas are developed and integrated as opportunities change. Some examples of these activities include:

•  Exploring community parks and community tours (e.g., Celestial Seasonings, Coors, US Mint, etc.).

•  Visits to/volunteering at animal shelters.

•  Physical activities at community gyms and recreation centers.

•  Outdoor games (e.g., sports games, treasure hunts, frisbee, etc.).

•  Botanical Gardens, Denver Zoo, hiking.

•  Walking the city and interacting with community members.

•  Volunteering (e.g., Food Bank, ARC, McDonald’s House, Community Gardens, etc.).

•  Visiting state and local parks and attending cultural events.

•  Swimming, miniature golf, driving range, bowling, etc.


Divine Royal Care provides Supported Employment services that foster integration into the community and that promotes independence and productivity for individuals interested in meaningful paid employment. Supported Employment (SE) services are designed to assist participants to acquire or maintain paid competitive employment in the community. Paid competitive employment consists of work compensated at or above the minimum wage. Divine Royal Care ensures that each participant receiving SE services is assisted to explore and pursue employment goals identified in their Service Plan. Planning takes into account the participant’s specific interests, needs, wishes, strengths, abilities and accommodations.

Divine Royal Care provides SE services to participants through job development, job placement and job maintenance support. SE services are provided to participants in community settings, which includes, but is not limited to the following program responsibilities:

•  Assistance with completing job applications, forms, and requirements.

•  Education regarding job rules, regulations, and policies.

•  Support to learn and complete assigned job tasks.

•  Assistance to resolve work related issues and conflicts.

•  Maintain confidentiality of business (employer) processes, policies, and practices.

•  Provide education and training to company employees.

•  Assistance in coordinating work schedules.

•  Assistance with travel training and travel coordination.

•  Ensure training and development of SE staff.


Community Connector (CC) services provide participants with opportunities to build relationships or natural supports in their community, interact with community members, promote safety and independence, and work on personal goals. CC is provided to participants 17 years of age and younger at a 1:1 staff to participant ratio. Divine Royal Care utilizes typical community settings as a learning environment to address needs, interests, and goals identified in each participant’s Service Plan.

Divine Royal Care’s CC program encourages abilities and skills necessary to enable individuals to access typical activities and functions of community life competently, confidently, and safely. The overall goal of the CC program is to provide participants with support to access their community with the intention of doing so more independently in the future.


Homemaker services support participants who require assistance in managing basic household tasks necessary to live as independently as possible. Divine Royal Care will perform basic household tasks within the participant’s primary residence to allow the person to maintain a healthy, safe, and clean-living environment.

Homemaker Basic services may involve completing the home task for the participant or providing cueing to prompt the person to complete a home task. Homemaker Enhanced services offer the same household tasks with the addition of either habilitation or extraordinary cleaning by a qualified homemaker. Habilitation involves developing step-by-step instructions and learning strategies designed to assist the person to develop the needed skills to maintain a safe, healthy, and clean home environment. Below is a list of household tasks offered through homemaker services:

• Laundry

• Cleaning/Changing Linens

• Folding/Ironing/Organizing Clothes

• Dusting Furniture/Shelves/Surfaces

• Vacuuming Carpets/Throws/Rugs

• Washing/Mopping/Cleaning Floors

• General Bathroom Cleaning

• General Kitchen Cleaning

• Cleaning Windows (Indoors)

• Trash Removal

• Sorting and Organizing

• General maintenance

Divine Royal Care will work with each participant to determine the level of support, tasks, training, or area(s) requiring cleaning and/or deep cleaning.


Mentorship services are designed to support individuals to develop self-advocacy skills, make informed decisions, become more knowledgeable, and build independence. Service delivery may include providing exposure to community environments and experiences, interviewing potential providers or generic support professionals, and assistance with participation on private/public boards, advisory groups, or commissions. Divine Royal Care will also use teaching methods such as direct instruction, modeling, advising, and opportunities to access a variety of experiences. Participants design and determine their goals and objectives with support from Divine Royal Care and are assisted to help utilize Mentorship services effectively and efficiently.


Personal Care services are focused on supporting participants who require assistance with activities of daily living necessary to live independently and safely in the community of their choice. Personal Care services are provided by staff members who are familiar with the participant’s person specific needs and experienced in providing a variety of daily needs, tasks and required support. Personal Care services are provided in the person’s home and allow the person to maintain their health and well-being. Personal Care services may involve hands-on support to complete the personal care task for the person or providing cueing to prompt the person to complete a personal care task. The following support may be provided as a part of Personal Care Services:

• Ambulation/Transferring Support

• Bathing/Washing • Dressing

• Eating/Feeding • Grooming

• Bowel/Bladder Care • Personal Hygiene

• Skin Care • Medication Assistance

• Medical Appointment/Scheduling Assistance • Money Management

• Menu Planning • Grocery Shopping


Respite services are provided on a short-term basis with the goal of allowing caregivers and family members to take much needed breaks. Support may include verbal cueing, modeling, and hands-on support to assist the participant with activities of daily living. Divine Royal Care will support participants to maintain their safety, health, and welfare while providing their primary caregivers with an opportunity for short-term relief from their daily duties. Divine Royal Care understands that many families need qualified and caring Respite providers who know the needs of their loved one and who are available when needed.


Divine Royal Care provides Community Connector, Youth Day, Personal Care, Respite, and Homemaker Basic/Enhanced services to HCBS-CES participants. HCBS-CES waiver provides a variety of services and supports to assist children from birth to 17 years of age with intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) or children ages four and under who are at risk of developmental delay. CES are designed to support children and their families through a variety of in-home and community-based services intended to help the participant to grow, develop, and become more independent. CES are combined with school resources and services available to children and families through their local school district.


Divine Royal Care provides Supported Community Connections, Specialized Habilitation, Supported Employment, Mentorship, Non-Medical Transportation, Personal Care, Respite, and Homemaker Basic/Enhanced services to HCBS-SLS participants. HCBS-SLS waiver provides a variety of services and supports to assist adults 18 years of age or older. SLS is a non-residential waiver available to participants who still live at home with their family or are responsible for their own living arrangement. SLS supports the person to integrate into their community and to live as independently as possible in their own home or family home. Services are available to the person on a capped/fixed budget and each person can choose the supports/services they need and prioritize how they utilize their budget.