Individual Residential Services and Support (IRSS)


Individual Residential Services and Supports (IRSS) is a 24/7 residential service provided to participants wanting to live as independently as possible in the community of their choice. IRSS is provided to 3 or fewer persons receiving services who live together in a personal care alternative (PCA) setting, host home (Host Home) setting, or family caregiver (Family Caregiver) setting. IRSS uses a variety of living arrangements individually designed to meet each person’s needs. The participant may live in a home owned or leased by Divine Royal Care, in their own home/apartment, a Host Home, or in their family home. Participants can choose the model and environment that is best for them.

Divine Royal Care’s residential services are flexible and comprehensive. Divine Royal Care monitors service quality on a monthly basis, provides 24-hour on call support, nursing guidance and support, special diet accommodations, accessible homes, transportation to medical appointments, medication administration, access to community services, and opportunities to build meaningful relationships.


⦁  3 Bedroom PCA

⦁  Individual Living Setting PCA

Divine Royal Care utilizes the PCA, Host Home, or Family Caregiver models as its residential service delivery options. Divine Royal Care offers PCA options designed to support 1-3 participants living together in a home with 24/7 staff support and supervision.

PCA settings are flexible environments that can be individualized to meet each person’s support needs. Settings may include the person’s own home/apartment or an agency owned/leased property.


Divine Royal Care provides Residential (IRSS), Supported Community Connections, Specialized Habilitation, Supported Employment, and Non-Medical Transportation services to HCBS-DD participants 18 years of age or older. DD is a comprehensive residential waiver program in which persons utilizing this waiver must receive 24/7 residential services and supports. There is waitlist to access the DD waiver program unless the person is transitioning directly from the CES waiver. DD waiver services support the person to integrate into their community and to live as independently as possible in the community of their choice. Services are available to the person on an uncapped budget, however, each individual service may have a utilization cap.


Family Caregiver settings are single-person environments in which the participant chooses to remain in their family home and receive direct care support from a family member. The family member is a paid care giver responsible for the day-to-day care needs of the participant. Divine Royal Care offers Family Caregiver options designed to support participants who choose to remain in their family home. Family Caregivers receive the same training and oversight that a typical Host Home and Host Home setting receives.